Today we woke  up early and headed down to Stanley Park — and were rewarded with our first shots of the… Brown Creeper!  They might look like just another lbj (little brown job – birding nomenclature that sounds a little off to me gotta say) – but they don’t act like your average finch or sparrow!

Their whole deal is the creepin’ – and how to be a good creeper?

1) Blend in!  Don’t let anyone spot you creepin’!  These guys get 10/10 blend-in creeper points.

Gettin' his creep on


2) Be quiet!  I couldn’t hear these guys over the sound of the chickadees they were following around. (Bonus creeper points for stalking the chickadees!)  They do make sweet high pitched calls and songs, but it’s easy to miss.

3) Creep! Obviously these guys creep with the best of them.  Flying down to the bottom of a tree and working their way back up.  Not sure if they are even capable of climbing downwards – sort of like a cat.  Fortunately they can fly down so no need for the fire department.

Despite all this, the creeper isn’t so creepy at all – they break the cardinal rule of being a true creeper – they are too darn cute.  Just look at that tiny thing!

I'm creepin' and I'm creepin' and I'm.... creepin'.

Creep on!


One thought on “Brown Creeper

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