I haven’t made much mention of swallows since one of my first posts, but only because they have been tough to get on camera!  Of all the families of birds around here, swallows are some of the most satisfying to watch.  That said —- all the photos I have of them are sitting still. But hey – you are lucky I even have that so no complaining!

For an idea of them in-flight, we will have to resort to checking out perhaps the swallows biggest claim to fame: tattoos!  Meaning apparently that you a sailor. Or out of jail. Or super loyal.  Or … other things.  Depending on what website you read!


But they are also a real bird! The tattoo second from the left, bottom row, is actually pretty accurate for a Barn Swallow – right colours, forked tail – bonus points!

And here’s the inspiration itself:


Now one is a little lonely, so was nice to see him get a friend:


Two’s company but three’s a crowd:


Seriously none of them were happy with this situation.


They just took turns squawking until they all left.


Can’t we all just get along!


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