I often saw Tree Swallows hanging out in big flocks with Barn Swallows in Burnaby – although that is more likely due to having the same food source – bugs!  We tried a few times to rent paddleboats at Deer Lake and get some in flight photos as the scoured the surface of the lake for insects — but not much luck in the photo department.  HOWEVER – the experience itself is still highly recommended!  It was great fun to chill out in the boat with the swallows swooping around us.  And I think there were a few Violet-greens in there too – but I’ll get to them later!

I fortunately snuck up on this guy snackin’ at Reifel as proof that they are usually out eating insects anyways:

1-IMG_5294 1-IMG_5290

He was acting nice and predictable flying in and out of the nest box.


Off for more bugs!

I was lucky to get a look at a baby Tree Swallow during a banding course this year – so tiny! Take a look:


Tree Swallows are one of the prettiest swallows I think – although they are all adorable. The classic blue and white of the males is very striking!  The females have a more dull brown-grey colour where the males have the blue – no shots of that just yet though, so here’s an adorable fellow with an itch to scratch:




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