As a convenient follow up to my recent Common Goldeneye encounter, I found this crew of Barrow’s Goldeneyes at Jericho Beach Park yesterday:


They look very similar but the males are easy to tell apart.  The white patch in front of the eye is crescent shaped for the Barrow’s and round-ish for the Common. You just have to remember which is which.  You could try remembering that the Barrow’s is shaped like a barrow (a hill) – but the round one is also vaguely hill-shaped… or maybe you could consider circles a more COMMON shape than a crescent?  I actually think it would be easier to remember the other way around because the crescent is shaped like a backwards C as in Common – but DON’T remember that it will just mess you up!

Another subtle difference is the Common Goldeneye has a green-ish iridescence, and the Barrow’s has a purple-ish iridescence.  In the females – the Common Goldeneye has a grey bill with (usually) a yellow tip, and the Barrow’s Goldeneye lady generally has an all yellow/orange bill.

But they both have Golden Eyes and they both are ballin – this guy was also rolling with a mix of ladies:



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