I realized after posting the Eurasian Wigeon that I haven’t made a post honouring its local counterpart – the American Wigeon!  A duck I really respect for its commitment to adorableness.  Come out and say hello why don’t you?


“Oh no, I’m too shy”

Awww don’t be silly, bring your friend and say hi!


“Can’t hear you up in these feathers”

But what are you so afraid of?



Oh, I see – well that army of Scaups is harmless – don’t believe the memes!

Wigeons are probably the most common duck around these parts next to mallards. The males have some green on their head like the mallard, but have a prominent white/cream coloured swatch on the forehead.  They also have a pretty distinctive overall shape, with small heads and slight bills, which are blue-grey in colour for males and females.  The males have a white patch on their wings near the shoulders which is helpful for ID’ing in flight.

Here a couple finally comes to say hello — and when they do it is with the MOST adorable of ALL duck sounds.  It is the opposite of the quintessential mallard QUACK – a sweet squeaky whistle that makes you want to give it a squeeze – like a dog toy.  But don’t!


While is is always easiest to identify when you can see their faces, you can see they also have a different pattern from other ducks such as the mallard – click on the picture below to enlarge, and see if you can spot a wigeon or two.


A perfectly natural feeding frenzy


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